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Name Su Yanling
Title Canvas Grandmaster
Artist Profile
A native of Guangdong, born in 1942 in Guangxi city of Liuzhou.
Detailed introduction

A native of Guangdong, born in 1942 in Guangxi city of Liuzhou. Member of China Artists Association, former artist of Liuzhou Arts and Crafts Institute, and a Professional Canvas Artists. Painting art is a dream since he was young, and it has become his religion when he grows up. More than 50 years, follow the "domestic rivers," the purpose, devote themselves to learning foreign canvas techniques and sketch in life, in the nature of perception, in the boundless horizon road, always persistent pursuit of the dreaming and beautiful dream. The album has published "Su Yanling", "Su Yanling oil painting in contemporary oil painting masters", "Su Yanling Canvas Collection". In December 2001, he was invited to visit Toronto Canada Ontario Chinese Art Museum  to present "Su Yanling Canvas Exhibition". May 2004 in Beijing Xu Beihong Memorial held < The Su Yanling Canvas > exhibition. In 2005 October  participate in : Hangzhou West Lake Art Fair and won the gold medal, Dalian Art Fair, Nanjing Art Fair, Qingdao Art Fair. In May 2007 in Yantai held < The Su Yanling Canvas> Exhibition. In August 2008 went to Dubai, September went to Jakarta, Indonesia, November went to Rome, Italy, July 2009 went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in September went to St. Petersburg, Russia, for canvas exhibition where there are held. Many canvas are collected in the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions and international friends.

Jin Shangyi comments;

Mr Su Yanling's work is full of beautiful, scenery ,simple and elegant, smooth and generous. It has the artistic effect of infection, the pen is easy and delicate, distinct, outstanding artistic personality and symbolize of modern China's rich and beautiful, with the meaning of looking forward to a harmonious and happy. The overall picture shows performance, exquisite, and light in Zhejiang dynamic life, and the modern comfortable idle touching artistic effect. It is a wonderful work of Chinese painting and the canvas art show a beautiful luster, and reflecting the eternal artistic charm of colorful painting. The Art Works is with great economic value and investment value.


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