Fantastic Stonesare also called ornamental stones. They are referred to as those without any a ...
The phoenix be a mod ...
Number 1000000023 I want to buy
Price $240,000
Category Guilin Red Chromatic Stone
Weight 0
Phase Everything's appearance
Texture stone
Source Wen-qing lu

<Phoenix of the World> is large color jade. It has gorgeous color, tough texture, skin moistured as jade, and embossed pattern of a phoenix lying in nest in the middle of the stone shows its rarity. In Chinese culture, phoenix, the king of birds means harmony in the nation.  Sentences in the classic of poetry say ‘Two Phoenix fly side by side and hundreds of birds follow the phoenix couple’.  There comes a phoenix, where there is harmony in the whole nation. The phoenix also symbolizes the imperial power in China and it is usually used with dragon. That famous Prosperity brought by phoenix and dragon is just the traditional totem of Chinese symbols.  Because of tough texture, macrofossil has special pattern that is very precious, moreover an image of phoenix is on the top of grade. This stone collection is not realistic and the position of the phoenix is noble and peaceful. In addition its eyes and beak are also vivid, soft and gentle. It is a large solitary fossil really worthy to collect!

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