Fantastic Stonesare also called ornamental stones. They are referred to as those without any a ...
Fortune comes home ...
Number 1000000032 I want to buy
Price $1,200
Category Guilin Red Chromatic Stone
Weight 0
Phase Everything's appearance
Texture stone
Source MoDingAn

The stone is unique in the red part. The red symbolizes luck so Chinese people believe in red and the luck brought by red. The whole stone looks like a bat. As the pronunciation of ‘Fu(meaning fortune)’ is the same as ‘Bat’ in Chinese and so the collection is named as <Fortune comes home>. Look closely, the top of part looks like a red auspicious cloud, a red big bird feeding little bird under the cloud. The red bird also is considered as auspicious bird. In many ways, for the little bird having mothers love is very fortunate.

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