Fantastic Stonesare also called ornamental stones. They are referred to as those without any a ...
Immortal old man was ...
Number 1000000304 I want to buy
Price $11,250
Category Jade and Jade
Weight 0
Phase Everything's appearance
Texture jade
Source Bao cui Lin

The peaceful expressions of the foursome make people seemed to smell the fragrance from the wine jar, the pure beauty of humanity got incisively and vividly express through the excellent work in a sudden. It is a rare masterpiece of masterpieces, which has qualified work and exquisite craft, and it can only be appreciated as a scene of drama. monstra? te?S??Nifacts of Chenghua period,because it is made of a kind of soil from the high mountain in Jingdezhen for Chenghua apparent colored chinaware and it is run out early years in Hongzhi period of the Ming Dynasty.

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