Curios is also known as antiques, which refers to those ancient utensils to appreciate, play w ...
Number 1000000357 I want to buy
Price $420,000
Category Chinaware
Size 19 cm high, diameter 2.9 cm, bottom diameter 6 * 3
Weight 0
Phase Everything's appearance
Texture ceramic
Source TongYuTian

Chenghua apparent colored, with children at play design flask,which has shapely fetus and hypertrophic glaze, it is carnation when watched against the light.With its’ little stock, it has become rare from Ming Dynasty.The thematic emblazonry of this flat pot is the picture of baby playing, whose characters are lively.The belly of this pot is written”made in the Chenghua period of Ming Dynasty” while its bottom has “presented by Emperor for Zhaode Palace’s reservation”, shows the rarity of the pot.

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