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Number 1000000359 I want to buy
Price $450,000
Category Chinaware
Size 17 cm high, diameter 10.6 cm, the bottom diameter
Weight 0
Phase Everything's appearance
Texture ceramic
Source TongYuTian

Monk hat pot is very famous in the Ming Dynasty,but apparent colored monk hat pot made in Chenghua period is even rare. This pot is made with elaborate workmanship and even glaze color. Its painting is divided into nine parts,whose thematic emblazonries are Pictures of Past-master and Pictures of baby playing,which are quite vivid and rare for Chenghua apparent colored pot. Its body surface is exquisite and carnation when watched against the light.”The Ming Dynasty’s fetus has one common trait that the pot is carnation when watched against the light, which is also a trait that can’t be neglected when distinguish the Chenghua chinaware between Qing imitation chinaware”said by the expert who is researching in the Imperial Palace’s chinaware.

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