Fantastic Stonesare also called ornamental stones. They are referred to as those without any a ...

Antiques and Modern Arts Exhibition(AMAE) ----a collection of traditional Chinese art treasures---is the first platform opened to overseas to display Chinese national art works.
AMAE brings and exhibits the categorization of fantastic stones, calligraphy, Chinesepaintings, carving, antiques, oil/canvas paintings, watercolor paintings, photographic worksas well as collecting, appreciating and evaluating. It objectively
introduce the works and analysis their appreciation value, collection value, investment
value and the forecasting of their market potentials. Parts of the exhibits have been kept as collections by some foreign organizations and individuals.
Each piece of treasures selected by AMAE is of great value in history, science and art. There is an overview for each kind of art, and each item is accompanied by a colored picture, with reviews written by professionals. From the examination and verification of selecting treasures to their art value and history are strictly checked by specialists.AMAE makes efforts to ensure their integrity, authenticity and reliability.
The human understanding of the world is endless. From macro to micro, from static
to dynamic, there is always something ahead to be deeply acknowledged and a wide
world to be further recognized. So collections and investments will be never ending in
this physical world. Now when people’s thinking constantly develop, when means and methods are renewed and updated, the diversity of the art world will surely be presented in varieties of ways before us.

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